Grade Nine Thematic Unit Lesson 2: Writing a Newscast

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Operation Water Spirit Lesson Two: Writing a Newscast

Part One: Briefly describe each of the following points and how you will portray them in the newscast. Identify your sources.

Case Study:













Part Two: Writing a Newscast You have been allocated two to three minutes to tell your story of the case study. This is not a lot of time. Decide what points you feel are important to address. It is also important that you establish characters and roles that will be played within your script. You have to get a lot of information to the public in a very short time; you are also required to be neutral in your news reporting. Perhaps it would be a good idea to have characters to represent the role of Aboriginal people and corporation/government spokesperson. This is only an example, you must come up with your own names for your script.

Example of Newscast script: Characters; Narrator or Newsperson at TV station, Katie Kermit (Newsperson), Money Millions (Government spokesperson), Never Not-on-my-land (Aboriginal spokesperson), Savall Birds (Environmentalist).

 Narrator describes the Scene: We are at the sight of a traditional burial ground, the government has decided to move the bodies and reroute a river to this site by developing a hydro facility. This site is where the last remaining Hackle-Blue Jay nests yearly. We have Aboriginal people and environmentalists at the scene as well as a government spokesperson. The scene is mayhem as the protesters chant “Leave Mother Earth Alone!”

Katie Kermit: Good afternoon people. We are here on the scene at Mandrake falls that will soon become a river if the government has its way and is able to divert this river. This day has been a long time coming, the Supreme Court has just denied the last injunction stating that these lands are on Crown lands and therefore all rights to this project have been turned over. I have with me the Minister of Water, Money Millions. Mr. Millions can you tell us your reaction to the court’s decision?

Money Millions: Hi Katie. We are very pleased with the court's decisions…

Use your imagination and be sure to utilize everyone in your group. Write your script and practice role playing. Hand in the script to the teacher for approval; it will be given back to you for revisions.

Operation Water Spirit Group Presentation Newscast Evaluation

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