Grade Nine Thematic Unit Lesson 1: Discussion and Reflection of the Four Case Studies

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Operation Water Spirit Lesson One: Discussion and reflection of the four case studies.

Part One: Jot down notes and perceptions of each of the case studies.

As the River Flows



James Bay I & II



Yellow Quill First Nation



Natural Resource Transfer Agreement



Lesson One: Part Two

1. Why or why not should Aboriginal people have special consideration regarding their interest/perspectives on water in Canada?



2. The concerns that Aboriginal people have regarding water are unique because of their relation between federal and provincial jurisdiction, how would this hinder or improve Aboriginal efforts?



3. Water issues have been in the forefront for Aboriginal people for decades, yet it is just now that we are starting to hear about these issues. How can we make a difference regarding water?



4. Corporations/governments are in the water business to make money, why are Aboriginals/environmentalists concerned about water? _____________________________________________________