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An example of students' Operation Water Drop test results are entered to show teachers how to submit students' results.
Where can you find case studies of Canadian drinking water quality issues to share with your students? What is the most popular resource on our website? Find out the answers to these questions and much more by watching this tour of our website resources.

webinars on-demand

Downstream Film and Panel Discussion

Learn How to Make an Environmental Video with Crapshoot Director-Editor Jeff McKay

World Water Day Webinars on the Topic of Intensive Livestock Operations

High School Operation Water Drop Webinar

Using the Correct Microbial Indicators to Protect Public Health

An Introduction to Risk Assessment and Management II

An Introduction to Risk Assessment and Management

Tap Water Versus Bottled Water - Which is Better?

India Presentation

World Water Day 2019 Webinar - What World Water Day Is, What Water Is, What Can Be In Your Water

Tar Sands

Biological Pre-treatment Avoids Biofouling of RO Membranes

George Gordon First Nation Water Stories

videos we recommend

Dr. David Schindler's public lecture at the water institute (june 2014)

Watch the video saskatchewan association For resource recovery corp. made about why they sponsored sdwf educational kits for schools

The Winnipeg Free Press No Running Water video series

Crapshoot: The Gamble with Our Wastes This resource is especially useful for teachers who are teaching Operation Water Pollution in their classrooms.

Drumbeat for Mother Earth Information:
Video clip:

Blue Gold World Water Wars

BLUE GOLD:  The Tsilhqot’in Fight for Teztan Biny (Fish Lake)

Watermark: A documentary on how water shapes humanity
Official Trailer:

FLOW For Love of Water

Official Trailer:

Why Citizen Science is Important

Videos About Problem/Project Based Learning