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We will educate the leaders of today and tomorrow about drinking water quality issues to realize our goal of safe drinking water being available to every Canadian.


Operation Water Drop, Operation Water Pollution, and Operation Water Biology kits enable students to conduct authentic water quality analyses on their own local drinking water and other water samples. Students then compare their results to Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality. Additionally, students are supported and encouraged in taking action in order to share information with others and to alleviate drinking water quality issues.

Our Operation Water Flow, Operation Water Health, Operation Community Water Footprint and Operation Water Spirit programs are all available free of charge on this website.


Many Canadian schools are on the waiting list for sponsored kits. Please click on the map to discover if schools in your area, the school your children attend, or the school from which you graduated is waiting for a sponsored kit. Please donate a kit to a school today! As little as $85 can educate 30 students about drinking water quality issues and solutions in a hands-on manner.

Please remember the name of the school to which you would like to donate the kit, as you will need to type the school's name into a box. Also, please note that the shipping address you need to enter is your own mailing address so that we can send you an official donation receipt for income tax purposes.

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Water Fact of the Week (Week of july 15, 2019)

Water quality is generally good or excellent in undeveloped areas where native plants, trees and soils purify the water before it reaches the river. Adding manufacturing and cities puts pressure on the landscape and increases the amount of chemicals being released into rivers every day. Read our Industrial Waste fact sheet to learn more.

Water Fact of the Week (Week of july 22, 2019)

By the year 2040, there will not be enough water in the world to quench the thirst of the world’s population and keep the current energy and power solutions going if we continue doing what we are doing today. Ah! You just filled up your water bottle! How much raw water did it take to treat and deliver that water you put in your water bottle? Find out with our Operation Community Water Footprint program.

Water Fact of the Week (Week of july 29, 2019)

Fungi can enter drinking water distribution systems through several contamination pathways, including treatment breakthrough, deficiencies in stored water facilities cross connections, mains and breaks, and during mains installation and maintenance. Once introduced, fungal species can become established on the inner surface of pipes. Read the Disease Causing Micro-organisms fact sheet on our website.

Water Fact of the Week (Week of August 6, 2019)

Water demand is projected to grow by 55 percent by 2050 (including a 400-percent rise in manufacturing water demand). Either Canada or the United States (depending on which source you look at) has the highest per capita consumption of water in the world. Are you contributing to the problem? Use the Operation Water Flow grade 9 lesson “I Use that Much Water?!” to calculate how much water you use each day!

Please support us by attending The Human Condition Comedy Tour event in Saskatoon in support of Safe Drinking Water Foundation!

You can purchase tickets online at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/the-human-condition-comedy-tour-saskatoon-sk-tickets-61533939670

The Human Condition Comedy Tour in support of Safe Drinking Water Foundation Friday, September 6, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

The Human Condition Comedy Tour in support of Safe Drinking Water Foundation Friday, September 6, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

The operation water drop test results submission website

Do you have a code to enter your students' Operation Water Drop results? Have you used an Operation Water Drop kit in your classroom but forget your code? Do you want to see the results which have been entered?

Be one of the first people to enter their Operation Water Drop Test Results on the Submission Website and receive a Safe Drinking Water Foundation lanyard!

Safe Drinking Water Foundation Lanyard

Student Action on Saskatoon Water Attitudes Competition

During the 2016-2017 school year we will be holding a Student Action on Saskatoon Water Attitudes Competition. The competition is intended for K-12 schools in Saskatoon, but other schools can also participate in the webinars and complete projects. The winning school will receive a water bottle filling station. Saskatoon schools which register to compete will receive sponsored Operation Water Drop kits.

Indigenous water forum took place october 27-28 at dakota dunes casino

We were one of the sponsors of the Indigenous Water Forum which took place October 27-28, 2016 at Dakota Dunes Casino. The forum addressed Strategies for Community Drinking Water with two streams running at the same time:

Stream 1: Drinking water treatment processes and policies, promotion of safe drinking water                               
*CEUs were awarded*
Stream 2: Challenges, successes, priorities and directives for drinking water

For videos of presentations from the forum please visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClK0kRKXc-xwEejbWBMM75A.

Passing Water Forward

the sdwf has developed problem-based learning sets for operation water drop, operation water pollution, and operation water biology

These sets are comprised of inquiry learning activities for the students. The teacher takes on the role of a facilitator of learning and lets the students teach themselves through research and critical thinking.

Thank you to our sponsors:

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We are a 1% for the Planet approved nonprofit and we thank the 1% for the Planet companies which support us.

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Visit Safe Drinking Water Team's website

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