Operation Water Biology

Operation Water Biology (OWB) is a series of eight lesson plans designed for use with students in grades 9-12. OWB directly connects with science, chemistry and biology curricula and covers several different aspects of drinking water treatment. The major topics are chlorine, chloramine, ammonia and iron. For each of these there is a discussion explaining what it is and its importance to drinking water treatment. There are also lab activities for each which allow students to work with small amounts of these substances and see them in action. Students will demonstrate the idea of chlorine demand, create chloramine through a simple chemical reaction, test local samples of drinking water for chlorine and ammonia, and filter water samples with iron oxidized by different processes to determine if one is superior. Every lesson includes additional suggested activities and resources, along with references to other sources of information.

Generally, sponsored Operation Water Biology kits are sent to schools every second Monday from mid-September until the beginning of November and the beginning of March until the end of May. Purchased kits are usually sent on the same dates, but teachers can request that they be sent as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate their request.


The cost of an Operation Water Biology kit is $170 and includes all of the materials necessary to conduct the experiments. Many school kits are available free of charge as a result of different sponsors. However, if there is not a sponsored kit available for your school or you want a kit right away it is best to purchase a kit.

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Overview Materials

Lesson 1: Lesson and Related Resources

Lesson 2: Lesson and Related Resources

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