Student Action Competition Final Report Submission

School Address *
School Address
Please note that if this project did not take place in Saskatoon your school will not be eligible to win any prizes. However, we would still greatly appreciate it if you would complete the form!
Please include the issue you decided to tackle, why you chose that issue, the steps you took to distribute surveys, educate the community, and the reaction you received from community members.
i.e. students who wrote surveys, educated community members, distributed surveys, etc.
parents, people from local companies who volunteered, general community members, etc.
i.e. the number of times your students spoke at an assembly about water issues, the number of events at which they spoke, etc.
for example, did you get the employees at a local company involved, or a local watershed group, etc.
Which measurable impact was a result of your project? *
please select all that apply
300 words or less, please

Please submit via email up to 12 photos and one video that is five minutes or shorter to:

 By sending the photos and/or a video, you consent that SDWF and RBC have the right to use the photos or video provided.