Nursery/Preschool/Kindergarten Thematic Unit: Appendix and Resources





Turtle Back/Medicine Wheel

Shapes for a Turtle

shapes for a turtle

Teacher and Student Resources

Resources used in the Kindergarten Unit

Caduto, M. J., Bruchac, J., Ka-Hon-Hes, & Wood, C. (1997). Keepers of the Earth: Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children (1st Fulcrum trade paperback ed.). Golden, Colo: Fulcrum Publ.

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Optional Teacher Resources:

Beauchamp & Parsons. (2000) Teaching from the Inside Out. Edmonton: Duval House Publishing.

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Optional Student Resources: These books are recommended to have for students to read/look at in quiet time or on their own time.

Bouchard, D., & Vickers, R. H. (1997). The Elders are Watching (3rd ed.). Vancouver: Raincoast Books.

Condon, P. (2001). Changes: the Turtle's Teachings. (2001). [cassette/compact disc]. Saskatoon, SK: Gabriel Dumont Institute.

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