Questions for Water Pollution Presentation

Lesson 1: Pictures of Pollution Questions for Presentation

Slide 2: What is wrong with the water?

  • Orange
  • Foam
  • It is the colour of the rocks and the cement
  • It comes from somewhere and will flow into a river or another source of water

Slide 3: What do you see that is polluting the water in this picture?

  • Car oil
  • Gas
  • Car tires
  • Garbage
  • Algae

Slide 4: Here is a photo of a mine. What can pollute the water here?

  • Chemicals in the rocks (that can leak into the water)
  • Residue from machines
  • Residue from mine activities (for example, explosions)
  • Leakage from the area

What do you notice about the colour of the water?

  • Multicoloured (orange, green, yellow, brown)

Slide 5: There are two types of pollution in this photo, what are they?

  • Water pollution and air pollution

Make a list of things you may be able to find in the water

  • Dead animals and fish
  • Garbage
  • Sewer water
  • Chemicals

Slide 6: This is a photo of rain water flowing from the drain. If rain water is clear, why is this water gray?

  • Water collects garbage when it flows in the streets

Slide 7: Water in the sink is "CLEAN" drinking water for a city.

What is wrong wit this water? Would you drink this water?

Slide 8: What can be the cause of pollution in this source of water? It's a lake.

  • Oil and gas from boats
  • Garbage
  • Sewer water
  • Runoff

Slide 9: Is the water in this photo clean? Would you drink it directly from the source of water? Is it possible that the water is polluted?