Answer Key for Crapshoot Questions for Students to Answer While Watching the Film

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Date: ___________________________

1. Why do the Hindu people bathe and sip the very polluted water of the Ganges River?    /2

It is sacred, to take away their sins.

2. What percentage of Canadian coastal communities dump their sewage raw?    /1


3. What is "reclaimed water"?    /1

Sewage that has gone through a treatment plant.

4. Why should we care about what happens to our waste?    /3

It reenters the food chain, harms the fish we eat, contaminates the water we drink, etc.


5. What does the sewage treatment process do?    /2

Separates liquids and solids into "reclaimed water" and sludge

6. What is almost half of all of the sludge produced used for?    /1

Fertilizing crops

7. What type of cancer is being linked to sewage sludge?    /1

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

8. What are the virtues of the composting toilet (also called the ecological toilet)?    /2

1. It doesn't use water

2. 90% of our present sewer system costs lie in the transport of our wastes

9. What should be done about the sewer issue?    /3

Stop sewering up new communities, make industrial wastes a tight loop - recycle their wastes, change social behaviour


10. What can you do to help alleviate the problem?    /2

Don't flush things other than urine and feces down the toilet.


Take Action! Tell three people (who are not students in this class) about the sewer issue and what you can do to help alleviate the problem. Ask these three people to tell this same information to three more people (each). Bring a list of the names of the three people who you informed and their reactions back to class the next day.

Total = ___/18