Answer Key for Downstream Questions For Students to Answer While Watching the Film

1. Who filed charges against Dr. O’Connor?    /3

Alberta Health & Wellness, Health Canada and Environment Canada

2. What is dumped into tailings ponds?    /4

Water, clay, silt & naphthoic acid

3. What was found in the fish that could be causing health problems in the community?    /2

Mercury and arsenic

4. Do you think that the oil industry has a severe impact on the Athabasca River? Explain.    /4

Various answers are possible


5. What do you think should be done about the environmental impact that the oil industry has on the environment in Alberta?    /3

Various answers are possible


6. What can you, personally, do to improve the situation?    /3

Various answers are possible



7. If you were to give this film a different title what would you call it? Why?    /3

Various answers are possible



8. Would you drink the water if you lived in this area of Alberta? Why or why not?    /4

Various answers are possible



Take Action! Tell three people (who are not students in this class) about the tar sands issue and what you can do to help alleviate the problem. Ask these three people to tell this same information to three more people (each). Bring a list of the names of the three people who you informed and their reactions back to class the next day.

Total =    /26