Operation Community Water Footprint

OCWF is designed for use with students in grades 6-12. OCWF directly connects with science, social studies and math curricula and is set up as content-integrated lessons. Students learn about their local drinking water treatment facility and distribution system by undertaking a research project as a class. Students will calculate how much water (source water) is needed in order to produce one litre of drinking water in their community (including water used in the treatment process, water lost in distribution, etc.) Community water footprints and information regarding water-related issues being faced, actions students are taking to alleviate problems and/or to inform others will be shared via the Safe Drinking Water Foundation's website. Students will be able to compare their community's water footprint to that of other communities across Canada. Students will also investigate the quality of their own community's drinking water.

Lesson plans and related resources are available free of charge online.