what if i am confused about how to enter the results? Is there someone i can call or e-mail?

Yes, please feel free to call our Executive Director, Nicole Hancock, at 1-306-934-0389 or e-mail her at info@safewater.org and she will be more than happy to help you!

Why do we need to submit the results for the guideline limit samples?

These results help us to determine whether there might be a problem with the guideline limit samples which we are including in the kits and also whether students are conducting the tests correctly. In the case of the Colour Canadian Guideline Limit Sample, the Iron Guideline Limit Sample, and the Sulphate Canadian Guideline Limit Sample we know that it is redundant to state that it's the same as the Canadian Guideline. However, there might be teachers who have colourimeters or other equipment and if they use them to test these samples, we might be able to determine if there are any problems with our equipment and our guideline samples. If you do use a colourimeter or other equipment to test any samples (guideline or otherwise) please let us know in the comments/notes section at the end of the data entry process.

for the elementary operation water drop kit results for the ph test why is it possible to enter the results for four samples? Do you want us to tell you the ph of coke and bleach?

You do not need to tell us the pH of coke and bleach (although you can enter them as water samples and give us the results if you want). There are four places to enter sample results because the Elementary Operation Water Drop kit includes four pH test strips and some classrooms might have decided not to test the pH of coke and bleach and to test the pH of other water samples instead, in which case they might have some interesting results to share. Feel free to leave some blank!

what if the exact number i want to enter as the result is not one of the options on the slider?

Please choose the closest number on the slider and feel free to tell us the exact value in the comments/notes section at the end of the data entry process.

It is a long process to enter our results, why should i bother to enter them? I am a very busy teacher!

Yes, we completely understand that teachers are very busy and that these results do take some time to enter (although, with the sheet of results in front of you, our guess is that it will only take about 15 minutes to enter results for a High School Operation Water Drop kit and about 5 minutes to enter results for an Elementary Operation Water Drop kit).

However, by doing this your students are engaging in citizen science and adding to a database of information which can then be viewed on the results map by everyone in the world! Also, in the future we hope to secure funding to be able to pay experts to write reports based on this data.

Also, most teachers received their Operation Water Drop kits through a sponsorship, our sponsors would love to see the collected data! They provide you with the opportunity to use the kits in your classroom and we work hard to secure that funding and get the kits to you - please say thank you to us and them by submitting your results!

If we could buy all of the teachers a coffee to drink while they enter the results, we surely would, but we aren't there to buy you a hot cup of coffee... so we're thinking of some other thank you gifts or prizes! Thus far, we have some lanyards to give out and we might have some draws for kits. If you have any great ideas of what you would like as a thank you please let us know!