Operation Water Pollution

Operation Water Pollution enables students in grades five to twelve to learn about water pollution (including what causes it, how it is cleaned up, how it can be prevented, and what they can personally do about the problem). The Operation Water Pollution program directly connects with science and social studies curricula.

Notes to teachers from Tracy Webb, Science Teacher and Member of the SDWF Board of Directors:

The 11 lessons in the Operation Water Pollution program represent a comprehensive unit on water issues. Each lesson generally builds on the previous one and includes relevant, up-to-date, and well-researched fact sheets and background information. However, teachers may use any lesson on its own, or any combination, understanding that they may need to add some of the background information provided in other lessons. Every lesson can be further modified or enriched for the age and abilities of students, from grades 5 to 12. Lessons may be easily changed to reflect local conditions and situations as well, especially if teachers are/become aware and informed about their own area's water issues.

For the experimental activities, teachers may wish to substitute according to their own available supplies and/or approach to the lesson. Quantities suggested in the lesson may also be adapted as determined by the teacher.

Every lesson includes additional suggested activities and resources, along with references to other sources of information.