Canadian Teachers are Waiting to Educate Over 61,000 Canadian Students About Drinking Water Quality Issues and Solutions

Canadian teachers are currently waiting for the opportunity to educate over 61,000 Canadian students about drinking water quality issues and solutions. In order to be able to do this they will need over 1,700 sponsored Operation Water Drop, Operation Water Pollution and Operation Water Biology kits to be sent to their schools. Individuals and companies can sponsor kits for schools. If you/your company sponsors kits, you/your company will be acknowledged in the letter that accompanies the kit. You can even decide in which geographic area your kits will be dispersed or to which specific school(s). Please e-mail if you would like to sponsor Operation Water Drop, Operation Water Pollution and/or Operation Water Biology kits or if you would like more information.

Educational Kits for Schools

Many school divisions and districts from coast to coast are recommending the Safe Drinking Water Foundation's education programs to their teachers!  Thank you to all of the administrators who are promoting our programs!  To find out whether a sponsored kit is available for your school,  send an e-mail to or phone 306-934-0389.


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Operation Water Biology
Operation Community Water Footprint

Student Action on Canadian Water Attitudes Resources

Most Canadians take water for granted. We think we have lots of it and it will always be there. So in 2008, RBC started polling Canadians about their attitudes towards water—to see if the serious water issues around the world were having an impact on how we use and think about water, and tracking whether our attitudes are changing.

RBC has encouraged the broad dissemination of the data and its findings because they want to help contribute to a healthy conversation about the value and vulnerability of water in Canada.

RBC Canadian Water Attitudes Study:

Water Usage Calculators:

CBC News Water Calculator, this calculator will help you see how much water you are using and how you might use less:

Alliance for Water Efficiency Water Calculator:

USGS Water Science School Questionnaire #3 How much is your daily indoor water use?

Other Resources:

Polis Project on Ecological Governance Report: Flushing the Future? Examining Urban Water Use in Canada:

Safe Drinking Water Foundation Operation Water Flow Lesson: I Use THAT Much Water?!:

Safe Drinking Water Foundation Operation Community Water Footprint. This program is used to calculate the amount of source water required to produce one litre of treated drinking water:

The story of a school in Ottawa which has replaced asphalt with greenery (Ottawa Citizen, September 15, 2015):

An article about how rain barrels are helping to solve problems in Stratford, Prince Edward Island (The Guardian, September 16, 2015):

Water Conservation Information:

1 U.S. Gallon = 3.79 Litres

1 Imperial Gallon = 4.55 Litres

Approximate Water Usage of Household Appliances:

Appliance Water Consumption Range Water Consumption Average
Standard Shower (litres per minute, L/min) 7.6-16.3 12.0
Water Saving Shower (L/min) 5.7-11.4 7.1
Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet (L/min) 7.6-11.3 9.5
Outdoor Tap (L/min) 7.6-11.3 9.5
Toilet (Pre-1994) (litres per flush) 13.3-26.5 19.9
Toilet (1994-Present) (litres per flush) 4.9-6.1 5.5
Dishwasher (litres per cycle) 40-55 47.5
Water Saving Dishwasher (litres per cycle) 22.7-39.8 31.3
Washing Machine (litres per cycle) 100-200 150

Example of calculation of water usage (shower head flows at 190 U.S. gallons per hour for 10 minutes):

Water used per minute in U.S. gallons: 190 U.S. gallons/60 minutes = 3.17 U.S. gallons/minute

Water used per minute in litres: 3.17 U.S. gallons x 3.79 litres/U.S. gallon = 12 litres

Water used in ten minutes: 12 litres x 10 minutes = 120 litres

If you need any help with calculations, worksheets, etc. please contact Nicole Hancock at or Tim Vogel at or phone Safe Drinking Water Foundation at 1-306-934-0389, we do have time to help you (and we love math!).